LoRa socket panel AN-511

AN-511 is a socket panel developed based on the standard LoRaWAN protocol. The product supports remote control, scene linkage, delayed tasks, local control, etc., supports over-current protection/alarm, supports locking local switch buttons, and supports power-on after restart. secondary working status.

Model : AN-511
Frequency band : Frequency band : CN470
Brand : Winext
Dimension : 86mm*90mm*42mm



  • Based on standard LoRaWAN™ protocol

  • Support remote control/scene linkage/delay task/local control, etc.

  • Overcurrent protection/alarm, smart lock

  • Support to keep the last working state after restarting

wireless performance:

  • Working frequency:CN470MHz

  • transmit power:19dBm

  • Receiver sensitivity:-137dBm@300bps

  • multicast function:Support 4 multicast groups

working environment:

  • Operating temperature:-20℃~+60℃

  • Working humidity: 10%~90%RH (non-condensing)

Electrical Specifications:

  • Input voltage:100~250VAC, 50~60Hz

  • specified load: 10A/2500W, 16A/4000W

product specification:

  • product material: PC+ABS

  • degree of protection: IP20

  • installation method: In-wall installation