Indoor 6-in-1 Environmental Monitor CU301A

CU301A Air Detector is an air quality detector integrating multiple sensors, which can be used to monitor PM2.5 (fine particulate matter), TVOC (total volatile organic compounds), HCHO (formaldehyde), CO2 (carbon dioxide), temperature in indoor air and humidity.

Model : CU301A
Frequency band : Frequency band : EU863-870MHz; AU915-928MHz; US902-928MHz; AS923; CN470-510MHz; RU864-870MHz, IN865-867MHz
Brand : Winext
Dimension : 115mm*115mm*42.4mm



  • Based on standard LoRaWAN™ protocol

  • Integrate a variety of high-precision sensors

  • Temperature and humidity, CO2, formaldehyde, PM2.5, TVOC data monitoring

  • DC 5V power supply

working environment:

  • degree of protection: The product is not waterproof design, please avoid using environment such as rainwater

Electrical Specifications:

  • Power supply: DC 12V&DC 5V

product specification:

  • PM2.5 measurement range:0~999 micrograms/cubic meter

  • CO2 measuring range:400~5000PPM

  • TVOC measurement range:0~9.99 mg/m3

  • HCHO measuring range:0~2.5 mg/m3

  • Temperature measurement range:-9℃~+50℃

  • Humidity measurement range:0~99%RH

  • product specification:115mm*115mm*42.4mm

  • Product Weight: 240 grams