Sensor Data Collector E-Box

At present, sensors are developing in the direction of networking, and there are many types of sensor interface protocols, which cause inconvenience to sensor networking and large-scale applications. E-Box is a multi-functional sensor data acquisition box launched by Winext Technology. It adopts the LoRaWAN standard protocol and RS485 The communication method collects sensor data, which can quickly connect various sensors, shorten the sensor docking cycle and research and development costs, and quickly realize the network and scale of sensors. It is the best choice to solve the fragmentation of LoRa IoT applications.

Model : E-Box
Frequency band : Frequency band : EU863-870MHz; AU915-928MHz; US902-928MHz; AS923; CN470-510MHz; RU864-870MHz, IN865-867MHz
Brand : Winext
Dimension : 110mm*110mm*45mm



  • LoRaWAN/Cat1 (optional)

  • Sensor data acquisition adopts RS485 communication mode, which can widely connect various types of sensors

  • With multiple sensor interfaces, up to 6 sensors can be connected

  • IP65 protection level, can be used in harsh indoor and outdoor environments

wireless performance:

  • Working frequency:CN470/EU868/US915/AS923/AU915MHz

  • data transfer rate:300bps~5.4Kbps

  • Maximum transmit power:19dBm

  • Maximum Link Budget:167dB

  • Receiver sensitivity:-141dBm (SF12)

  • LoRa antenna:External Omnidirectional Antenna

  • Communication Interface:6 way RS485

Electrical Specifications:

  • Power supply:DC 12V input or solar panel power supply (optional)

  • Sleep current:≤6uA

  • emission current:≤125mA

  • receive current:≤16mA