Smart animal farming

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Smart animal farming

Smart animal farming

Smart animal farming system

Smart animal farming system use LoRa technology by installing a LoRa based GPS tracker on a cattle or sheep to locate the location of the sheep or cattle and do alarm notice of the missing of cattle or sheep. If the LoRa based GPS tracker upload data once per day, the built-in battery can last for more than 3 years. Tags can be reused. A LoRaWAN gateway can access about 5000pcs of LoRa based GPS trackers. The maximum coverage can reach up to 20km in the pasture environment, and several gateways can meet the needs of large pasture. Support WiFi and Ethernet to upload data, and also can achieve self-organizing network. This system can reduce manpower cost and realize the modernization of animal farming.

Function description:

★ Basic data management: includes housing management, staff management, tags management, feeding information management, drug information management and other functions;

★ Positioning management: to locate the cattle and sheep in the livestock farm in the whole breeding process, you can check the location of the cattle and sheep in real time, and do alarm notice of the missing of cattle or sheep and ect;

★ System management: includes user management, permission management, data management, system log, role management, data backup and other functional modules;

★ Report management: generate the relevant reports according to the information and data of the breeding, and provide the printing function;

★ Query management: provide all kinds of query conditions for the breeding population and quantity, status and abnormal situation of livestock breeding enterprises