Smart Street lamp energy-saving management system

2022-07-10 14:59:58 admin 27

Street lamp energy-saving management system

Street lamp energy-saving management system consists of monitoring center, LoRa single/dual lamp control node, gateway router and cloud server. LoRa single/dual lamp control node can do data communication with gateway router, then the monitoring center can do remote monitoring and intelligent management of every street lamp. This can provide the municipal department with smart street lamp system of remote control, remote monitoring and real-time automatic inspection and management to realize energy-saving.

Function description:

★ Check the status of street lamps such as current, voltage, power;

★ Street lamp failure, operation no response condition display alarm;

★ When power lines are stolen, the monitoring center will display the track of the theft;

★ Environmental data collection (atmosphere, temperature and humidity, sandstorm, precipitation);

★ Store the executive logging of system equipment;

★ Create curve and report of electric power and light rate analysis data