Assets tracking system

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Assets tracking system

    Assets tracking system

Assets tracking system do the remote monitoring and management of collateral. When the pledge equipped with LoRa terminal is moved to a certain extent or is damaged, it’ll upload alarm information to the monitoring platform, Management personnel will do emergency treatment according to the alarm information of the platform, LoRa terminals can automatically send data to the platform every day, so that customers can monitor the amount of collateral each day to improve management efficiency.

Function description:

★ Basic data management: mainly including regional management, staff management, LoRa terminal, collateral information management, report statistics management and other functions;


★ Positioning management: can view the location of collateral, moving, loss, damage alarm and other functions in real time;

★ System management: the main function is to complete the system underlying maintenance tasks;

★ Report management: generate the relevant report according to the information and data of the collateral, and provide the printing function;

★ Query management: provide all kinds of enquiry conditions for the information of collateral in the mortgage surveillance area, like quantity, status, abnormality, moving trail, and etc.