Smart grid

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   Smart grid

Smart grid adopts LoRa technology as a way of transmission to do cable temperature monitoring. You need to bind LoRa terminals to the cable connector or cable surface, the temperature information of the cable connector or cable surface will be transmitted to the cable temperature monitoring platform via LoRa terminals. Then the backend staff will determine whether there is the possibility of fire according to the temperature changes shown on the platform. This can work as a early-warning of cable fire to prevent accidents and improve the work efficiency.

Function description:

★ Realize the early prediction of grid failure because of overheating, then take measures;

★ When an overheating failure occurs, the system can provide alarm and accurately locate the overheating location and guide the maintenance work;

★ The system intuitively shows the location and ID of the monitoring point, and store the real-time continuous temperature information;

★ The system is with functions of overheating alarm, abnormal temperature-rising alarm, over maximum limits recording and printing, as well as emergency review;

★ The system realizes printing of real-time alarm events and the specified types of graphics and statistical reports;

★ The system will generate analysis graph and report for each cable connector, which is beneficial to the protection of the cable;

★ The system can do data query for any monitoring point, and also carry out setting and modification of the warning value, alarm value, recording accuracy and parameters.

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