Manhole cover monitoring system

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 Manhole cover monitoring system

Manhole cover monitoring system

Manhole cover monitoring system

Traditional manhole cover monitoring system using technique like GPS, wireless cellular network and so on, which are with huge cost input, poor reliability and difficult to promote. LoRa manhole cover monitoring system use LoRa technology, with LoRa wireless manhole cover monitor installed bellow the manhole cover. LoRa wireless manhole cover monitor is usually in standby to sleep state, with low power consumption and long battery life, which can reduce manual maintenance cost. A gateway can be connected to a maximum of 5,000pcs of LoRa wireless manhole cover monitors within 7 km. A small number of gateways can be configured to monitor the on-street manhole covers of the entire city in real time. LoRa manhole cover monitoring system is with low construction cost and ideal effect.

Function description:

★ Manhole cover management: each manhole cover corresponds to a EUI address, and their location information can be added to the application platform;

★ Status monitor: real-time monitoring of the normal, abnormal, low power status of the manhole cover;

★ Map display: the location, basic information and real-time status of the manhole cover are shown on the electronic map; 

★ Convenient installation of equipment: no wiring is needed, and installation is convenient, which can make the construction completed smoothly with low cost;

★ Low power consumption, long transmission range: 5uA standby current, receiving circuit < 14mA, 100mA transmitting current; The signal penetration ability is strong, and can reach to maximum of 20 kilometers