Smart Parking

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Smart Parking

Smart Parking

LoRa On-street smart parking system


LoRa on-street smart parking system is based on geomagnetic parking sensor that can detect the change of environmental magnetic field parameter and to identify whether there is a car parked in the parking space. When there is a car parked there, the backend system will record the time and charge automatically; When the car leaves, the drivers can do self-help payment via their mobile APP. In addition, this system can also help drivers to find out which roads are available with parking space easily and quickly, which can reduce their searching time and the CO2-emission in cities by curbing the micro amounts of carbon gas caused by unnecessary driving around for parking space.

Function description:

★ Parking space real-time monitor

With this system, the administrative departmnet can do real-time monitor by using the smart parking sensor to detect the status of parking space; Meanwhile, they can check real-timely the quantity of parking and free parking of each parking site, each street and each area.

★ Parking fee management

Provides administrative department with management of road section tolls, planning the parking space quantity of area, street and parking site, and setting free parking space and parking fee standards based on different time periods.  

★ Parking guidance

Drivers can quickly query the parking space information of their destination via mobile APP and car GPS, so that they can do travel route planning in advance and even can book a parking space in advance.

 Mobile APP management

Drivers can do self-help payment via mobile APP.

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