Smart Agriculture

2022-07-08 00:56:58 admin 21

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Smart agriculture system

LoRa smart agriculture using precise sensors, cloud data analysis and backend management, make analysis instruction combined with various control equipment to complete agricultural production and management. This can solve the problem of agricultural manpower shortage, improve the ability to resist risk of agricultural production, and finally help the weak and dispersed small-scale peasant production to scale, intensive, industrial transformation.

Function description:

★ Platform data analysis: wireless data upload and platform comprehensive analysis;

★ Real-time monitoring of environment: air temperature and humidity, soil PH value, soil temperature and humidity, illumination, CO2 and other data monitoring;

★ Front-end equipment: low power consumption, long transmission range, visible communication distance between the node and gateway router reaches to 15km;

★ Mobile APP access function: users use mobile phone APP to get various data index of the greenhouse environment (temperature, humidity, light illumination and security information).

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